Derailed at Thanksgiving

I’m back, recovering nicely from my germs.

It is Thanksgiving here in the US, which is a really strange thing for us Brits. It’s as big (if not bigger) than Christmas, and also involves turkey. It’s amazing that there is a holiday this important that we have no real notion of. It’s odd seeing all the adverts for it, the signs up in the shops, and then the fact that everything was closed yesterday… for us it just feels like any other weekend.

There are huge sales today, so I wandered out to the nearest mall to have a look around. Every single American in 50 mile radius was doing the same thing, and blood was being shed over car parking spaces. At the microcenter I saw 7 (seven) people, in the space of 60 seconds, carrying flat screen tellys out to their cars. If only we had a sale this big in the UK a month before Christmas…

In a moment of inspiration this afternoon Steve and I went to see Derailed. It was great. It had a great start, a great middle and a great end. Vincent Cassel was cool. Clive Owen was cool. It’s the best film I’ve seen in ages. The fight scenes were believable instead of consisting of 215 stylish punches before the baddie goes down. It isn’t rated overly highly on IMDb, but if you want to see it don’t read IMDb. In fact, don’t read any reviews or listen to anyone. Just go see it. It’s good. And I’m fussy about films (apart from Red Sonja).

Of course, now I’ve said how great it is, you’ll be expecting too much and will be disappointed. Go and see it anyway.

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