Decluttering Children’s Books

children's books

I’m working my way up to the toy situation. I really am at a loss as to how to deal with it.

I can safely say that the boys’ toy collection is currently the largest group of stuff in our house. Way beyond anything me or Mr Tech own.

Since I’m still pondering the best way to approach a simpler, less toy-driven environment (which I think will be good for us and the children), instead I did a mild sort through of their books.

I say mild because neither of them can read yet, they both love books – really love them – and we read every day, so I didn’t want to be too harsh.

Basically anything that we hadn’t read more than a couple of times went. Along with anything that I really didn’t like reading.

In addition to the books on the three shelves in the picture, they also have a small collection in their bedroom.

I’m not going to be able to put the toys off for much longer…!

Total out

29 items

Ongoing total out

649 items!

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