Day 9 + 10 Skin Detox

So… it was fathers day on Sunday and not the greatest eating day.

Breakfast: porridge, almond milk, blueberries

First lunch (11:30): out to eat with the family. I had a peppermint tea and an amazing butternut squash and goats cheese gluten free tart.

Second lunch (2pm): the boys said they were still hungry and I was starving again. Gluten free burger, fries and salad, with an appletiser. I also had a sugar free chocolate bar from the health food shop afterwards.

Evening snacks: no proper dinner as we were all full. I made a bowl of guacamole and ate the lot. I also had a bowl of rice krispies, and a few pieces of homemade raw chocolate:

Day 10

Feeling SO much better today!! Sinus pain gone, gum pain gone, even skin looking less red and horrible.

Breakfast: porridge,  almond milk, blueberries.

Snack: chia/almond/cacao drink. Few pieces homemade choc.

Lunch: salad with two baked sweet pots and some organic bacon – lovely. Also had a bowl of cornflakes afterwards as was still hungry. Need to drop the cereal thing – it’s just sugary rubbish.


Dinner: rice, sweetcorn and meatballs.

This post is late and I’m losing track of days and food, so not sure what to do at this point… will have a think!

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