Day 8 Skin Detox

I think I might be about to turn a corner. My sinus pain was much less today (no painkillers!), and my skin is finally calming down (I think). Don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but… fingers crossed.

I was tired and hungry today. I slept for an hour in the afternoon while the husband watched the boys and I have had a big appetite. A few aches and pains too. I read there is a bit of a growth spurt after 16 weeks. Hopefully nothing is wrong and it’s just growing pains.

Breakfast: porridge, almond milk. Chia/almond/cacao drink

Snack: Er… Gluten free cheesecake and herbal tea. My friend took me to an amazing gluten free cafe and it would have been rude not to sample anything! It was awesome.

Lunch: Large salad with ham and egg.

Dinner: green thai curry with broccoli and mushrooms

Snack: gluten free cornflakes with almond milk

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