Day 5/14

The two week wait continues.

  1. Clean the entire house, including the entire bathroom, from top to bottom –started
  2. Sort out the kids artwork mountain in the spare room
  3. Write at least one short story for a future competition
  4. Finish my Tomb Raider video (I’m making a montage of my own in-game play) 19.9.14
  5. Finish the Glen Duncan book I am reading – started
  6. Finish the Networking book (computers, not people. Me? Network? Ha ha) I am reading.
  7. Do two more meal plans and online shop orders – done 1 of 2
  8. Go to a second gym class, in addition to my Monday night class – booked
  9. Reply to my friend’s email who I haven’t seen in ages. 19.9.14
  10. Reach inbox zero (again) 19.9.14
  11. Complete four levels of Tomb Raider – done 2 of 4
  12. Dig up all the flagstones in the garden and move the table onto the patio – done 1/2
  13. Tidy up the garage and put the kids garden toys away for the year. 21.9.14
  14. Create some screen shots for the app I want to develop.

So, since my last post I’ve made a start on number 5 (finish book), done half of number 7 (meal plan), done half of number 11 (tomb raider levels), half of number 12 (garden flagstones), and completed number 13 (tidy garage and put garden toys away for the year).


I’ve been really busy. And happy.

But I am also really struggling not to symptom spot. Mainly because, unlike last month where my uterus was basically silent for 14 days, this month I’ve had twinges and cramps non-stop since ovulation.

It’s like my uterus is saying Oh you think you can ignore me, do you? Well, take that and see if you still can!

And my lower back is really aching and now my boobs have chimed in with a bit of soreness at the sides.

Of course, it’s still only 5dpo (although I’ve talked about early pregnancy factor here before), so I know logically most of this is hormonal (and not pregnancy related).

But last month I had none of it. Not an iota.


Struggling on, doing my best to ignore it all.

3 thoughts on “Day 5/14”

  1. I somehow keep accidentally un-following your blog (my phone is so touchy). I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any updates from you lately. Doh. Anyway, that is quite a list and you have been super productive! Whenever I make a list like that, I never seem to do anything on it. I just sit there and, you know, obsess. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    • Haha! I have that problem – and I worry that people think I am a really fussy reader, unfollowing and coming back again all the time! Thanks – hoping, but pretending not to 🙂

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