Day 5 Skin Detox

Fitbit says 5hr32min sleep, 94% efficiency. Exhausted! Bloody midwife saga. 

Also, the red wine (or stress, or lack of sleep), didn’t agree with me because I had a crop of new little spots on my chin this morning. Annoying. 

I was so tired, so I switched to gluten-free oats because I needed something familiar and comforting. I wanted to minimise grains, but breakfast has really been the hardest meal. I made it with water, a splash of almond milk and some raspberries – so good!

Snack: brazils and a few goji berries

Lunch: same as yesterday, cod, chard, cauliflower, tomato. I left out all the spices today. Followed by a chia/almond/cacao drink. Mmm!

No afternoon snack – I was actually satiated all afternoon for the first time. Dinner was stir fry pork, bean sprouts, pepper, mushrooms and leftover chard with tamari and a spoon of peanut butter. I also added the tiniest anount of honey (I always use it in stir fries and felt it would be missed – it’s contraband at the mo, but it really was a tiny amount!). Lush. Served with wild/red rice I had knocking around in the cupboard.

Only managed a short walk to and from preschool today, but given the lack of sleep am not too worried. Turned in early to rest, 8pm.

Step count: 5738

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