Day 4 Skin Detox

Woke up and felt pretty good again. My sinus is still hurting – will it ever stop? Fitbit says I slept 7hr27min with 92% sleep efficiency. I was quite restless yet again last night, so no effect on my sleep so far.

My mood so far today has been much better, thank goodness. No wanting to cry and eat chocolate. For breakfast I had quinoa porridge again, but a bigger portion:

Then two hours later I had an apple with peanut butter (no sugar in the peanut). Next I had a hot almond, chia and raw cacao drink, mmmm!

My skin, for the first time today looks a bit better – less red overall. I still have a few spots, but I don’t feel quite as hideous as I have for the last two months. I think that this detox is doing what it needs to. Good motivation to keep my head down and carry on.

I walked to midwife appt and back, and then had lunch. Cod baked with cauliflower + turmeric, chard, tomato, lime, ginger, tamari:

 (Recipe from Get The Glow cookbook I have on my shelf).

I had boundless energy in the morning and felt pretty good despite the sinus headache, but felt sleepy after lunch. Was hit with a big sugar craving after eating and the rest of the day dragged I was so tired. Had a couple of rice crackers with almond butter in the afternoon and then dinner was sweet potato, broccoli, courgette and chicken.

Then, I was peckish in the evening so I ate a couple more rice crackers with almond butter and because I was feeling so wired after dodgy midwife appointment I allowed myself a small glass of organic, sulphite-free wine.

Phew. Another day down.

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