Day 39 – 5w4d

I was going to write a detailed post about something… I can’t remember what.

I still had some bright red streaks this morning, but you know what else?

Nausea has arrived.

And I can’t write anything else because the screen is making me feel sick.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I LOVE the nausea.

I promised myself eons ago that if I ever got pregnant again I would adore even the most miserable and painful parts of it.

So I’m super happy to be feeling sick. And all this extra saliva in my mouth is wonderful.

But dammit, it’s hard to focus on all these little, wobbly letters when my stomach feels like quicksand.

8 thoughts on “Day 39 – 5w4d”

  1. Yay for nausea! I can’t believe I’m saying that as I had it BAD with both and couldn’t wait for it to end. Here’s to hoping for some runs to puke in the toilet! (that is just wrong 😉

  2. I bet the only time in your life you’ll be thankful for feeling this way! No worries – write when you can! We’ll be here waiting!

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