Day 36 – Suppressed Immune System

For the second time in my life I have managed to coincide getting pregnant with a child starting nursery.

What is the result of this?

With my pregnancy suppressed immune system, I end up catching everything the kids catch. And when kids start nursery, they catch everything going.

DS2 has managed two weeks before being struck down with a horrible viral thing. He’s coughing and crying, and mucus-y and grumpy. And I’ve got a horrible cough at the top of my chest and knives in my throat and sore skin and I’m exhausted.

In fact, I’ve been so bad the last two days that DH had to stay home from work to look after both of us. So now that’s two of us using up our leave, all because of one sick baby, and one baby that is about the size of a sesame seed :-).

Luckily DS1 has soldiered on, strong as an ox, with no problems (and has even switched out of nappies and into pants this week with absolutely no fuss and more enthusiasm for the idea than I ever thought possible).

So, the washing is piling up. The house is a mess. The kitchen surfaces are dirty and sticky.

And this is exactly how it was, a year and a half ago, when DS1 started nursery and I was just pregnant with DS2. Both of us ill, both of us miserable, and me unable to take any painkillers/cough meds/nuclear strength throat medicine because I am growing a babe.

Man, it sucks being ill when you’re pregnant!

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