Day 31 – The Tiredness Begins

Well, if I’m honest, I’ve been feeling this way for about a week, but it’s been really noticeable in the evenings the last few days.

Nothing compares to that first trimester tiredness – the feeling that if you just rested your head on a surface for 10 seconds you would drift off into the soundest of sleeps. The heaviness is like a drug throughout your whole body that makes you just want to sleep, sleep, sleep.

It’s different to newborn baby exhaustion, where you feel ratty and irritable and like you are going to cry if you don’t get some sleep soon. It’s more a kind of mellow, all-encompassing, gentle reduction in your ability to do anything – hold a conversation, think clearly, play with your children, even get out of bed.

I reckon I’ve got another two weeks at most before I start feeling nauseous, at which point the combination of that and the tiredness will make for some challenging times ahead. I’ll be trying to embrace it all with love and joy, since I want this third baby so much.

And there it is.

We um-ed and ah-ed for months and I kept trying to tell myself two was enough, and now that I actually am pregnant with number three, I am totally, completely, head over heels in love with him/her and couldn’t have imagined it ever being any other way.

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