Day 2/30: Myers Way

I thought I’d blog about something else for a change. I’ve just started a new “gut healing” protocol that will apparently make me feel amazing. From the book:

By the end of the first week you should be feeling energised, focused and clear. Your mood will likely improve as your ability to concentrate expands. Your skin will begin to glow. (No kidding – that’s what happens when you ease the inflammation that has been plaguing your system.)

The science in the book is comprehensive and explained very clearly, so I’m willing to place my trust in this doctor. Well, to be honest, I feel so utterly crap I’d do pretty much anything. No dairy? Makes me nauseous anyway. No sugar? Makes me nauseous anyway. No caffeine? Oh come on, I haven’t touched it in months, give me more of a challenge! 😉

So, here I am on day 2. 

It’s probably easier to explain what I can eat: veg, organic meat/fish, fruit, and some spices. That’s it. No seeds, nuts, nightshade veg, grains, legumes, or anything else really.

And you know what? a) it’s really easy to stick to any diet when you have severe morning sickness because eating is no longer about pleasure, and b) I have discovered a desperate, all-consuming addiction to baked squash and baked sweet potato. In fact, carrots are pretty high on my must-have list, as are mangos. I don’t think it’s coincidental that all these foods are bright yellow/orange. They taste heavenly when I eat them, so I think my body is somehow in need of extra betacarotene. I even cooked another sweet potato after dinner, before I went to bed last night, because the thought of eating it was too much temptation. It was like vegetable ice-cream.

So, I’m on a lower prednisolone dose this morning and feeling really tired, plus I’ve got a horrible headache which I suspect is sugar-withdrawal as I must have eaten 100 bounty bars in the last few weeks. I feel like I’m moving through mud. I know this is going to be the worst week. After this I will:

  • Be re-activating my adrenals again after the steroids
  • Be on the other side of the morning sickness hill
  • Be a week into the Myers Way and all good things are going to happen, as quoted above.


Yes. I cannot feel any worse and remain on my feet each day. It’s all going to be great very, very soon…

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