Day 2/14

I got a great high temp of 98.3 this morning, so should get my crosshairs on fertility friend tomorrow. We are officially in the two week wait.


So here’s my two week wait to-dos:

  1. Clean the entire house, including the entire bathroom, from top to bottom – started
  2. Sort out the kids artwork mountain in the spare room
  3. Write at least one short story for a future competition
  4. Finish my Tomb Raider video (I’m making a montage of my own in-game play) 19.9.14
  5. Finish the Glen Duncan book I am reading.
  6. Finish the Networking book (computers, not people. Me? Network? Ha ha) I am reading.
  7. Do two more meal plans and online shop orders.
  8. Go to a second gym class, in addition to my Monday night class – booked
  9. Reply to my friend’s email who I haven’t seen in ages. 19.9.14
  10. Reach inbox zero (again) 19.9.14
  11. Complete four levels of Tomb Raider.
  12. Dig up all the flagstones in the garden and move the table onto the patio.
  13. Tidy up the garage and put the kids garden toys away for the year.
  14. Create some screen shots for the app I want to develop.

Today, instead of googling about progesterone, the two week wait and implantation, I spent an hour writing an email and then sorting through everything in my inbox. All done for numbers 9 and 10. This afternoon I finished off my Tomb Raider video, and even wrapped up a copy on CD to send to my little brother 🙂

Yesterday and today I’ve also worked on numbers 1 and 8:

So far I have: cleaned the kitchen (including wiping down all the appliances and cupboards, cleaning the cooker and mopping the floor), tidied and cleaned the whole downstairs, including hoovering under the sofas and under all the cushions, and tidied away the 100s of tiny bits of toys that were all over the conservatory floor. Phew. Upstairs is still TBD.

I do love a tidy house.
And a shiny sink 🙂

I’ve booked a gym class for Sunday, so I’m planning on a Sunday and Monday class in future, in addition to my normal gym visit. I’ll tick that off when I’ve actually done it.

What shall I tackle next??

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