Day 2 Skin Detox

I slept better last night. I still woke up in the night, but not so restless. My fitbit says I slept 9hr33min (wow!), with 93% sleep efficiency.

Breakfast was lemon water, and a spoon of blackstrap molasses, followed by an unsweetened almond milk, raspberry (low GI) and chia seed smoothie.


It’s the first time I’ve ever had chia seeds and I have to say I wasn’t really looking forward to the white gloop this morning (I soaked them in almond milk overnight). However, they are DELICIOUS! I’m not kidding – absolutely gorgeous. I am a total convert. In fact, adding the raspberries hid the delicate taste, so I’ll eat them separately next time.

Snack time I had cucumber, apple and olives, as yesterday (no pic). However, I did feel nauseous after the olives, and still hungry, so I ate a handful of brazils as well.

I’ve still got sinus pain on the right side of my face and this morning felt really tired. I think I need more food early on – or more protein at least.

Lunch was a prawn, raddish and sugar snap salad with a ginger dressing and sesame seeds. It was pretty good:

Then I finally had enough energy for a 30min walk.

At about 3pm I had carrot and sunflower seeds again.


Then I did another 30min walk (the joys of the weekend and the husband available to babysit!).

For dinner we had what we call fajita rice. It’s basically rice mixed with veg and sometimes meat (or sometimes mushrooms, but tonight we had chicken), and fajita spices. I also made a batch of guacamole which is quite possibly the most amazing food on earth. For the guac I use avocado, lime, garlic and tomato, plus a dash of rock salt:

I felt calm and clear-headed in the afternoon and my energy was much better.

I was a bit peckish before bed as we ate early, so I had a glass of almond milk with a few chia seeds (my new most favourite drink ever).

It’s early days but my skin hasn’t gotten any worse and no new spots, hurrah!

Time outside: 1h8m

Total steps: 10,879 (yay!)

No real cravings today, which I think is mostly down to meticulous advance meal and snack planning. 

The misery zone awaits (days 3-6).  

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