Day 10/90

So here it is – a quick rundown of my new plan to get pregnant asap (with an egg that is actually viable).

I knew there were three Big Issues that I needed to tackle:

  1. Sugar
  2. Exercise
  3. Stress

So I decided to do the top two, and fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants hope that the third would fall into place as a result.

1. Sugar

I bought a book, called The Sugar Detox, and am pretty much following the plan in there.

It is:

  • No sugar (duh), in any form.
  • No grains.
  • No fruit or dried fruit.
  • No fruit juice.
  • No sugar alternatives.

It also cuts out diary for the first three days.

In addition to this plan, I have also completely cut out cows products and corn products and all soy products except a little tamari if we have a stir fry. I am also drinking around 2L water a day.

Why on earth?

The sugar one is obvious – read any book about the evils of sugar and it will convince you in a short space of time how terribly bad it is to have it running around in our blood stream. Our ancestors would never have eaten anything sweeter than a berry or piece of fruit, in season, so our body is just under strain every single day that we consume it.

I have been on the fence about dairy for a while, but read some really interesting research recently about casein – this is the protein in milk that causes allergies. There are two types of casein – type A1 and type A2. We make the A2 variant of beta-casein in our breast milk. Goats, sheep, buffalo and some cow breeds make A2 also. But the general milk that you buy on the shelf, and all the milk that goes into cream, butter, yoghurt, cheese etc. is predominantly A1. Those cows have a higher yield, are sturdier, more profit, yadda yadda.

So, I’m eating halloumi (only goat/sheep origin), feta cheese (only sheep origin), goats cheese, sheep’s yoghurt and buffalo mozzarella. i.e. all type A2 proteins (the one that matches the ones our own bodies make).

I’ve also cut out corn and soy, because along with gluten and casein, they are the two biggest allergy offenders there are. I’m not taking any chances.

What the hell can you eat?

Fish. Meat. Eggs. Vegetables. Nuts. Non-cow diary. Herbs and spices. Coconut milk and other milk substitutes. Oh – and I’ve allowed the odd glass of organic red wine.

That’s it. Basically, pretty much anything that I might be able to track down in nature.

I’ve also been heavily influenced by the Whole 30 (although they don’t do dairy at all).

The First 10 Days

For starters, taking on an eating regime like this four days before your period arrives is not much fun.

Day 1 (Sat)
Surprisingly easy. Sailed through.

Day 2 (Sun)
Irritable and tearful in the morning. Went to gym and ok the rest of the day.

Day 3 (Mon)
HORRENDOUS. I woke up feeling like I had flu. Spent the morning shivering on the sofa. Desperate, constant thirst. Could barely dress myself my energy level was so low. This was the day that I went into ketosis and started the transition to burning fats instead of carbs. Energy level started to come up after lunch, but felt like crying all day.

Ketones in urine. No carbs left, burning fat now!

Day 4 (Tue)
A little shaky before breakfast. Feeling low after lunch. Lips dried out and chapped. Still so thirsty. Some pure coconut water helped with rehydration.

Day 5 (Wed)
HORRENDOUS. Sugar cravings were so bad I would have actually gnawed through someone’s arm to get to a packet of Haribo sweets. Cried on and off most of the day. Snapped at boys. Felt dreadful. My name is Rose, and I am an addict.

Day 6 (Thu)
Sugar cravings not quite so murderous. Tearful in morning, still irritable in afternoon. Everything is annoying me. Snap at husband. He says he is worried about me. Lips have healed and no longer dry.

Day 7 (Fri)
Finally out of ketosis. Am no longer relying on carbs for fuel, body is using dietary fats. Feeling better, but still quite tearful most of the day.

Day 8 (Sat)
Only one incident of near-tears. Otherwise pretty good all day. Kind of… happy!

Day 9 (Sun)
Visit gym. Workout feels good. Feel kind of “zen” all day long. Happy, and energy levels really consistent.

Day 10 (today!)
Feeling “zen” again. Nothing is annoying me. Seem to have more patience. Can judge my appetite better. Cravings still there.

Other things I have noticed:

  • I am sleeping like a baby. I drop off within 10 minutes of going to bed and sleep beautifully every night.
  • My skin is starting to feel much softer, especially on my face.
  • I feel calmer now the worst of the withdrawal has passed. Kind of… meditative!
  • The numbness and tingling I suffer from in my right foot has almost completely vanished.
  • My blood sugar the other morning was 4.9 (I used to average around 6.0, which is pre-diabetic).

So, all in all, pretty extreme, but feeling pretty good now I’m getting used to it.

2. Exercise

I’ve joined a gym. One with a creche, so I can even go when DH is at work. I’ve been 4 times, haven’t pushed too hard, and so far am loving it.

I also think it’s really helped me to get through the first week of this detox.

3. Stress

Yeah, well. Let’s just say it’s been stressful giving up sugar. But I’m starting to feel so much better, so I’m hoping in the long-run I will conquer stress as a by-product of eating better and exercising more. I will update!


You think I’m mad, right?

Yup, probably. But if this doesn’t work, then I can’t say I didn’t try.

And I have a gooooooooooood feeling about this month.

CD6 today and counting 😉

3 thoughts on “Day 10/90”

  1. Once again, Rose, you are a braver woman than me! Incredible. I could NOT do what you are doing. You seriously have more willpower than anyone I’ve ever known. Best of luck to you on this chapter of your journey! You are amazing!

    • Don’t know about willpower. Insanity maybe? Haha! Thank u for your nomination – I am barely online as it’s school hols so I have some serious catching up to do. Hope all is well in your world, will be back properly soon! much love xxxx

  2. You are killing it at this new program! Good for you, Rose! It sounds like a crazy hard challenge, and I give you full kudos for the level of commitment you are showing! Warrior!!

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