Day 1 Skin Detox

Annoyingly, my trusty fitbit didn’t record my sleep last night. It was a restless night and I slept for about 7 hours.

Started the day with lime water and a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses (yes, I know that’s sugar, haha! It’s also chock full of minerals, so my exception to the rule).

Then for breakfast proper I had hash browns (ready made, but no dodgy ingredients), mushrooms fried in coconut oil and baked tomatoes:


I felt really nauseous after breakfast. Just awful. I think it was the hash browns, so might substitute those next time. At about 10:30 I had a snack of olives, apple and cucumber (yeah, not something I would have thought was great either, but with dairy and dips all out, it wasn’t too bad):

I went for a 30 min walk before lunch and my legs felt like lead. I was so TIRED.  I also had a headache (sugar withdrawal), along with some pain on the right side of my face where my sinusitis still hasn’t completely cleared.

Back at home I made a broccoli, pumpkin seed and goji berry thing:

But I was hungry again two hours later:


After eating the carrot and sunflower seeds I started to feel better. Still really tired, but not as grumpy and ill. And kind of calmer.

I did a second 30 min walk and at about 6pm we had a very comforting sweet potato and mushroom curry:

I spent 1hr55m outside in total, and covered 10404 steps – yay!

Am off to bed at 8pm (now) because I am just totally worn out. Feel good though for planning out everything meticulously – it was easy not to stray as I had food organised for each meal/snack. No cravings really so far.

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