Cycle Madness

Well, my temperature when DOWN. Aaaargh!!!

The weirdest thing of all is that I feel post-ovulatory, in every way possible. My boobs are sore (never get that before O), my back is aching (never get that before O), my appetite is up (always get that after O), my cm is dry, dry, dry (can you guess? never get that before O), so all in all it is really only the thermometer that says I haven’t ovulated.

Which, unless I’m having a super-slow rise (or it’s running out of batteries), probably means that I haven’t ovulated no matter how much it feels like I have.

I did another opk this morning and guess what? After being negative for almost 48 hours (barely a second line), it is now almost positive again.

I am, apparently, heading into a second surge of LH. I’ve heard about double surges, but I have never experienced one.

Hopefully this time around it’ll be strong enough to pop an egg out of one of my ovaries – I’m guessing they just weren’t ready the other day!

4 thoughts on “Cycle Madness”

  1. It sounds like your body is just out of whack after the miscarriage. From what I’ve read/heard it can take a while to get back to “normal”. I’ve already had one AF since mine, but I’m now on cd31…had my PMS week over a week ago, and now nothing, and no signs of AF either. I’m confused too!! Hopefully both of our bodies get it together soon!

  2. Rose..Oh, Rose!!! Ok, this is going to be a super long comment. I have, apparently and most definitely unwillingly, gone off the grid. Warning: lots of profanity follows.

    I fucking HATE Word Press! That rat bastard inexplicably completely kicked me off your blog! Not only was I not getting notifications or anything in my reader for almost a month, but you weren’t even showing up anywhere in my account! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!!! I mean, what the hell, Word Press? You just suddenly make me “unfollow” someone just out of the blue? I repeat, Fuck, fuck fuck!

    So, now you probably think I’m a terrible, horrible, uncaring cyber friend because I haven’t been following, much less commenting during this most crucial of times for you.

    But please know that I’ve been naively and ignorantly waiting patiently for an update from you, wondering desperately how you’ve been doing, only to finally find out today that there have been updates from you all along, I have just missed them thanks to that uber bitch Word Press. I can’t believe it. I just don’t believe it.

    I AM SO SORRY. That doesn’t begin to cover it. Not even close.

    Needless to say, I have spent my evening reading ALL your posts and feeling so many things.

    I was holding my now 8 week old baby and she smiled up at me and I just started crying desperately for you. My heart hurts. I just want so badly for you to have what I have. I believe in my heart of hearts it will happen for you, really and truly.

    My husband just asked me if I was ok, and I said yes, but I’m not. Of course I couldn’t really tell him I had a broken heart for a woman I’ve never met who lives on another continent but that’s what he’s seeing in me right now – that pain. (though we both chalked it up to sleep deprivation, a likely culprit)

    I am so glad I will be up to speed with you again, but I will never, ever forgive Word Press for this. Fucking bitch.

    Channeling my anger now into love and hugs for you, and thinking of you always.

    • Oh you lovely person!! Please don’t worry – firstly wordpress has done that to me before. I have mysteriously unfollowed people and then had to re-follow them hoping that they didn’t think I was some kind of fickle reader… So I know technology isn’t always the great thing we expect. But most importantly I just assumed you were busy with your new babe and I was so happy for you to be! Honestly – you had such a long journey here, and the scary stone/pain/birth episode, and I WELL remember how absolutely lost I was for weeks after having mine. Seriously – I was MIA for MONTHS after I gave birth. The sleep deprivation, the worry, the physical recovery… it was the hardest thing to get back on my feet. I didn’t answer an email for about 3 months. So PLEASE don’t worry! Besides, not much has been happening really, just me ranting about my chart and wondering when the mc would happen, ha ha!
      It’s funny you said about not explaining your feelings for a relative stranger on another continent. I sometimes feel a bit self-conscious about caring for people, like you, that I have never seen in real life, but I’ve realised that however we “met” doesn’t matter. If we connect over something then that’s a good thing for us both. And I don’t expect you read all my posts and always be around – I love it when you are, and when you’re not I just assume you’re busy. So big hugs back to you and be happy my friend xxxx

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