Cycle Day 10

And no OPKs to play with since I chucked them all away last month.

But actually, I’m kinda liking the lack of OPKs.

Instead of looking at a stick, I am feeling what my body is up to, noticing ovulation pain, checking my cervical mucus. It all seems more natural and more intuitive.

It’s how I did it with DS1 and DS2 and they popped into existence almost immediately.

I *think* I might be on for early ovulation this month, as I already have ovulation pain and have had egg white mucus too.

Sigh. Dontcha just love the detail that you get to provide when TTC? Is it TMI yet, or would you like to know what colour undies I’m wearing? (Black actually. Saucy eh?)

Sorry folks – trying to have a baby is obviously making me completely crazy {eye roll}.

I’m sure one day I’m going to look back on all this with fondness.

I have my hospital appointment tomorrow where they are going to endeavour to find out why I can’t maintain a pregnancy. And then a routine smear test on Wednesday. Such a lot of focus on my hoo-haa these days. Fun fun.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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