Cycle Day 1 – Here We Go Again

AF arrived this morning, exactly on time, 28 days after the last visit.

It’s kind of nice to have such a clockwork cycle, but incredibly annoying that it keeps showing up when what I really want at the end of the month is a baby.

I have a questionnaire to fill out for my pending fertility assessment at the hospital in 10 days, and the day after that I have a routine smear test so that’ll be a jolly exciting gynaecologial week all round.

I really am going to try to get a handle on my stress levels this cycle (I always need a strategy at the start of the month). So far I’ve watched a dire comedy that didn’t make me laugh and failed to listen to any of my relaxation audios, so I am desperately in need of some amusing videos or TV programs that will shake up some genuine laughter from my belly.

We’re off on holiday today with the in-laws (I am posting from the car, how awesome is that?), and I’m hoping I can fit some relaxation in over the next week as we’ll have extra help with the boys (a rare treat).

I really like the emotional clarity and focus I have in the first two weeks of my cycle, before the progesterone kicks in.

Great timing for a holiday.

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine here in the UK!

3 thoughts on “Cycle Day 1 – Here We Go Again”

  1. Hate to go all hippy on you but have you tried meditation for the stress/anxiety? Or have you tried a naturopath? I suffer from anxiety and keeping it at bay in my life is an ongoing journey. I have recently been taking some stuff from the naturopath that has helped enormously. I also did an intro meditation course which was fan-bloody-tastic. I’m going to blog about it soon but really the crux of it is that I managed to meditate when I always felt my mind was too busy to be able to do it. Enjoy your holiday! Go get a facial or a massage!:-)

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