CyberTalk Flash Fiction 2014 Winner

I won!

How cool is that??

I loved writing this – it poured out 🙂

Technical Support
“No!” Nathan gave a muffled shout as his eyes snapped open. He was sweating, tangled in a white sheet.

He looked across at the moulded shelf next to the bed, seeking the reassurance of a small metal box no more than ten inches across. On the front panel a red LED was unblinking. His nightmare ebbed away like backwash, revealing the stillness of the hours before dawn.

If you want to read my cyber-themed science fiction story, it’s now available on the SoftBox website in issue 6 of Cybertalk.

CyberTalk is produced in conjunction with the Cyber Security Centre at De Montfort University Leicester, and you can read all the issues online (or subscribe for a print copy!).

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