Cupboard Love – Storage For Minimalists

I am posting about my cupboard simply because I am so excited about it. Ha ha hah!

Yes, this is a gratuitous post about lovely, spacious storage that is going to make a massive difference to our home.

Today I glossed the skirting – there is another coat to do, some carpet to put down, and a door to hang and then it is done – after 6 and a half years of living here 🙂

At the moment it looks like this:

cupboard storage

And it’s double sided! Here’s the other side:

cupboard storage

Isn’t it amazing?

For US readers, this is probably totally underwhelming, but if you live in the UK you will appreciate just what an enormous and practical cupboard this actually is 🙂

How about we do a bit of before and after, just so you can appreciate how long and arduous this journey has been.

Going back in time… to 2007, when we moved in:

cupboard storage

We still have that ironing board! Dontcha just love the pink walls…

Then for a while, after we took the wall out, it looked like this:

cupboard storage

Next we got the whole heating system replaced and re-sited. Then we rebuilt the wall:

cupboard storage

Then, we installed an en-suite. Yup. A teeny, tiny toilet, shower and sink:

cupboard storage

But I hated it.

I hated having a second bathroom to worry about. We hardly ever used the toilet because it was too intrusive (and we still hadn’t got around to fitting a door). The shower doors didn’t seal properly (the shower was on the right-hand side, out of this shot), despite the manufacturer coming out to fix them. After they spent several hours trying to add screws into the frame and two months later the gap in the doors still came back, I realised it was all just much more hassle than it was worth.

So we ripped the lot out, and reverted back to a one-bathroom household.


See those tiles? I laid every single one of them while I was pregnant with Boy1:

cupboard storage

And then I ripped them all back off again.

By this point, we had Boy2, so and me and Mr Tech doing any more work was out of the question.

Eventually we got a man in to rip out all the remaining pipework, flooring, and shower tray. Then another wonderful man came and replastered the lot.

I painted it last weekend – THREE coats of white paint – and this week yet another wonderful man came and installed our shelves.

And we’re back to the beginning of the story. I glossed the skirting this morning, with another coat or two to go.

In comes some carpet and finally the door and then do you know what I’m going to have?

The most fabulous place to neatly fold up our minimalist collection of towels and bedding and a place for Mr Tech to put all his bags and rucksacks (a fetish of his).

I can’t wait 🙂

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