Craving Simplicity

I have had a very unproductive morning.

Twice a week I get a couple of hours in the morning to myself, at home, uninterrupted. I should be using this time to blaze a trail of Getting Things Done through our house and lives, but today (like many days before it!), I have pottered around, not really getting into anything and getting absolutely nothing done.

Not that I haven’t tried (sort of).

I spent a good proportion of time reading up on the best To Do programs, since I have fallen slowly out of love with Things. Eventually I downloaded Wunderlist on my iphone and mac but then when I started trying to add all the things that I need to do I became totally overwhelmed with the process. Recurrent tasks, one off tasks, tasks that are dependent on the completion of other tasks, low priority tasks, unimportant tasks… is life just too complicated for a to-do list?

I also spent some time looking at Money Dashboard (the UK equivalent of, which looks OK and I might be able to get into. My overdraft seems to be doubling every time I look at it and I know I need to get control of money ASAP else I’m just going to completely run out and not be able to buy food for my family (gulp).

And I browsed through my inbox, lamenting the fact that it is stuffed to the brim with emails I don’t know if I need, and wondering how I’ll ever get to the bottom of it.

And I spent some time looking in cupboards and wondering how better to organise the stuff in there, but not really finding any answers.

And all this time what I should be doing is measuring up the stairs and hall so that we can get carpet put in because this has been bothering me for months and I still haven’t done it.

And then I stopped and came to write this in protest.

Life is just too complicated.

Why do I need all this stuff?? All these things?? All these tasks?? What about actually living life instead of constantly managing it?

THIS is why I started getting rid of things.

This is why I am aiming for minimalism.

This is the exact reason why I am not achieving my goals.

Too much stuff and too little focus.


And how to break out of this??

A big part of me believes that organisation and tracking is the key.

I find it almost impossible to narrow my focus and not feel the weight of every other thing that still needs attending to. Even without all the “optional” clutter, we all still have to manage our homes, our diets, our money and our relationships. Is it possible to be on top of everything all at the same time?

I feel as though my only option is to reduce, reduce, reduce.

But even that requires some level of organisation and planning.

I’m 38 years old, I have a family that I am supposed to be a good role model for, I am a grown-up, and I should be able to work this out.

When I do, I’ll let you know.

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