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Well, well, well. I spoke to mum today and my TV is still intact after she blew up the other one. What is interesting though, is the breakdown on the maintenance charge for the year. Apparently £300 of it is apportioned to a “twice weekly cleaner” for the communal hall. The lady from the first floor flat came down to see my mum all red-faced and angry about it. She says she shouted at the managing agents and is refusing to pay anything without receipts (there is, and never has been, a cleaner of any kind).

Mwah ha ha! This is good news, as I can now bombard the agents with my favourite corporate speak (”Is this some kind of sick joke?!” and “Do you know who I am?!”). I shall be back in the green and pleasant land in person in just over 2 weeks… beware agents, for I will not be messed with.

What other news… Steve and I went out for a romantic meal last night in a wonderful Italian place that we have driven past 100 times and never actually tried until now. It was very yum.

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Yesterday I did some cool stuff with COM. I’ve never done any work with COM objects before so I worked through a couple of great articles I found on the ever resourceful I made a little COM server run on my machine! Only about a billion more things to learn before I can actually complete the project I’m now assigned to. It’s gonna be a work of art…
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