Consolidating Digital Stuff

I’ve been sorting digital data out all over the place, and have decided to continue blogging under my real name, with my normal email address, in a location that people I know in real life could find me (if they were so inclined). Shock!

My blog probably won’t be as personal, or emotional as the stuff I’ve spent the last three years writing. But then again… maybe it will.

I’ve exported all the blogs I follow (that’s all of you!) and added them to the reader of my main wordpress ID, so if there’s a random new Faye following you, it’s probably me 😉

My main general blog will now be:

St Francis’ Folly

The static page on the front are links to my various online homes, and you can also link to new posts from there – it only has one post on at the mo.

Sorry if that all sounds confusing – it really is simpler. My current set up means I miss notifications and don’t catch up on reader because half the time I’m logged in as my other profile and it was all getting too much to juggle.

I’ve consolidated a load of other non-blogging stuff too, all to make my digital life a lot simpler, and it is wonderful. I just love getting things organised!

As for THIS blog, I will probably update on here to get to the point of closure on some of the things I’ve been talking about, which are too personal to share. Gradually I plan to move over to the other blog full-time.

This all kind of ties in with self-acceptance and allowing myself to be ME without worrying about others judging me or thinking I’m weird/odd/stupid/crazy. Also it means I can connect with all different types of people under the same wordpress account, from writers, to programmers, to healthy eaters to other parents. And if my real life friends want to be a part of that, all the better. And if they don’t, then that’s cool too.

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