Cold as Ice

Gosh, have you been watching the winter Olympics? The ice-skating has been breathtaking – I watched the Russian pair Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin get the gold medal this evening (they were perfect, I was practically holding my breath watching them), and sat in awe as Chinese Zhang Dan fell to the floor, twisted her knee, inadvertantly did box-splits and then got up and carried on to win the silver with Zhang Hao. Incredible. I could barely watch, and I couldn’t look away either.

On a less impressive note, I have discovered I am suffering from Raynaud’s phenomenon. For the last year or so, I have suffered occassional pins, needles and numbness in my fingers. The funny thing is, it is always caused by driving my car in cold weather. I had dismissed it until tonight when it was so bad my hands actually turned white, with crazy pins and needles, and stayed that way for 20 minutes while I walked around Sainsburys. I went home and looked it up in case it was early warning signs of something terrible I was about to suffer and there it was in black and white – exactly my symptoms. The steering wheel of my car gets very cold, so it must trigger it. Bizarre eh? Bad circulation. Must go to the gym more.

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