Coffee Round

I didn’t go ice-skating in the end. I just couldn’t bear the thought of deliberately not talking to the spying coworker all evening.

There’s no escape though. At work we have a canteen, and a couple of times a day, all of us that used to work together (before the big re-organisation), wander down to the canteen together to buy coffee, and one of us will order and pay (we take turns). Today spying coworker lurked at the back of the group while I ordered. I couldn’t not order him a coffee, as that would be a horrid and un-adult-like thing to do. So I order for everyone, and spying coworker steps forward, picks up a coffee and walks off.

Unbelievable. Everyone else is standing around waiting for me to pay, so I don’t. I wait for someone else to fork out the cash. Because I may be an adult, but I am not a sucker.

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