Coaching and A Hiatus

I’m just popping in to write a short update and say that I’m taking some time out. I’ve been working through some business coaching material (woo!), and it has really impacted how I think about how I manage my time.

As you probably know I am the biggest project person ever. I love to start new things (like business coaching!). But I also spend most of my time in a state of complete overwhelm, which makes me miserable and also impacts how successful I am (or not) at everything I do.

So. For a while, at least, I’m taking some time out. No blogging. No writing. No learning Japanese. No crazy health and fitness plans. No more business ideas.

Instead I am going to take care of the important things first (family, the washing, dinners, etc. – you know how it is when you run a home), and then I am going to focus on only one thing TO COMPLETION.

I have tried this before with personal projects, and failed. But that doesn’t mean it’s a hopeless case. I can really see how my constant swapping around is hurting my plans to be financially more liberated than I currently am, and I know my personality is jumpy, but I’m going to keep practising.

I’ll be glad of the release of the mental load. I always think of posts I should write and I never get around to it, plus I also think of all the other things I should be doing and feel bad about not doing them/finishing them/starting them.

So we’ll give this a try and see where we go.

I will still be reading, just not posting. Pressure off!


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