Cloth Nappies Overnight – Take 2

cloth nappies

After last week’s overnight poo disaster DS2 had such bad nappy rash that we switched back to disposables temporarily just because they are drier – especially overnight.

DS2’s poor bottom actually lost a layer of skin after the redness settled down. It peeled away like sunburn, but now he’s almost back to normal.

I switched back to cloth in the daytime yesterday (after a 5 day “healing” break).

And today I think I’m ready to give cloth nappies another go overnight.

I mentioned before that I ordered some more bamboo boosters, plus some Little Lamb nappies that were in the sale (recommended for overnight).

So I’m really hoping that tonight, and going forward, we’ll be able to keep him leak-free.

And I’ll be checking for poo far more vigilantly.

To be continued… 😉

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