Cloth Nappies Leaking at Night

nappy pail

We’re seven nights (and eight days) into the 24/7 switch.

The first two nights?


No leaks, happy baby, happy mum.

The last FIVE nights?


Every morning.

All over DS2’s pyjamas and all over the sleeping bag.

And this morning – oh my.

Poor DS2 had pooed at some point in the night and because cloth nappies don’t wick the urine away as well as disposables do he had a completely red bum this morning from nappy rash.

Red raw and sore all over.

I felt awful.

I’ve ordered (at great expense) MORE bamboo boosters and a couple of little lamb bamboo nappies (on offer) to try overnight.

DH wants to switch back to disposables for overnight, but (as with so many things in life) I really feel that it has to be all or nothing.

However, I’ve pretty much tried all my combinations of booster and nappy and it isn’t working.

I’m going to try 3 boosters tonight, if I can get the nappy and wrap over them.

Maybe I need a bigger wrap??

It means I have less boosters available for daytime use, so more frequent changing, but only until the new stuff arrives.

Failing that I’m going to have to do a nightly nappy change at 4am or something ridiculous!

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