Cloth Nappies At Night – Almost There

little lamb cloth nappies

I think I’ve almost cracked overnighting with cloth nappies.

I’ve developed a bit of a system, working around DS2’s toileting habits, ha ha ha!

First off, after bath time (or at the start of bedtime if they don’t have a bath), I put DS2 in a clean cloth nappy, just a single layer as it’s only for 45 minutes to an hour.

He potters around in that while I get both boys ready for bed, we have stories and he has his bedtime milk.

THEN – right at the last minute, before kisses and being tucked in, I change him into the nappy I want to use overnight.

By this point he has normally done a wee, so it means he goes down with an empty bladder 😉

Then for the big overnight I use an all-bamboo Little Lamb nappy, with a sewn in insert and three bamboo boosters, all under a large wrap.

DS goes to bed with a MASSIVE bum!

The first night back on cloth nappies we had a small leak around the waistband in the morning.

The second night I double folded two out of the three boosters at the front.

No leaks!!

The third night (last night) I did the same, but DS2 has a habit of nighttime pooing, just before he drops off, so I had to change him out of the ultra-massive nighttime nappy and into a DISPOSABLE because I had run out of cloth and the washed nappies were still slightly damp [eye roll].

Anyway, I think I’m almost there.

Perseverance pays off!

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