Clearing Up My Skin

I just look awful – I have awful spots and severe dryness (I know, how the eff do you end up with that combination??), and it’s gone on for weeks on end. I’m shying away from the camera and embarrassed every time I have to talk to someone.

I’ve done a TON of research (this site was especially helpful: – especially about getting natural light and enough exercise), and starting Saturday I’m going for 100% clean eating. I’ve got NO excuses any more – nausea has almost gone and I’m feeling almost healthy again after my viral/sinusitis thing.

I’m also going to put the Fitbit back on and start walking more – a LOT more.

Exercise, fresh air, and healthy food. I’ve been juicing again, most days, and I think that has helped, but I’m still eating chocolate and fruit every day and I think it’s just too much sugar. I’ve had a spend-up on Amazon (thanks to the husband who got a bumper load of vouchers via his credit card), and ordered some dairy/gluten free recipe books for ideas and I’m re-reading a couple of the Primal/Paleo books I already own.


I’m sick of looking this way.

I’ll post before and after shots IF my after shots look any good.

I simply can’t post my before pics right now because I look too awful and it will make me cry.

Wish me luck – I need to plan out what on earth I’m going to eat!

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