Clearing The Air

Today was a good day. Yesterday I sent an email out asking all the people I used to work in a team with if they would like to come to a farewell BBQ at our house in a couple of weeks.

After some thought I included the co-worker I had a bit of a falling out with earlier this year. We used to be good friends, but have hardly spoken for months. I referenced him directly in the email in a light-hearted way in the hope that he would come and maybe we would be able to patch things up a bit. Much to my surprise I had an email this morning saying how he was really sorry he would be on holiday that weekend, but he didn’t want to part on bad terms. We ended up having a quiet drink at lunch and basically we decided it was all water under the bridge, we did like each other really, and we’d catch up after I left, and when he returned to the UK.

I am really pleased about it – and feel a bit sheepish about my paranoia the other night when his wife came over to visit (although I haven’t seen her since).

If I hadn’t been leaving, I wonder how long both of us would have left it before saying anything. Years?

I’m not a big grudge holder, so I just feel so much better for having a good old catch up with him and what’s been going on in both our lives.

I’ve added another project page. I’m starting a 4 week fitness plan on Monday in an attempt to launch myself into the land of the athletic and get my bum in gear for this 10 mile run in October.

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  1. Well that’s a good thing – if only life would always work itself out so simply. Yes, it probably would have been years had it not been for this event. So it’s nice that you’ll once again be friends.

    It’s also nice that the boss almost changed your mind – makes you feel appreciated/ respected/ wanted. I’d like that one of these days (if I can ever find another job to switch to).

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