Cleaning up My Diet for Fertility

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Given my three miscarriages and my two chemical pregnancies, I think it’s acceptable to say that recurrent miscarriage is a term that could apply to me.

I have seriously contemplated stopping and just moving forward without another baby, but somehow I can’t leave it behind yet. It just feels like we’re one person short :-(.

I’ve decided to give up thoughts of giving up (for now) and instead (since I won’t see a doctor), I’m concentrating on making myself as healthy as possible.

Since I know that I’m ovulating, and my cycle is almost textbook perfect, with a good bi-phasic pattern and a 14 day luteal phase, and I’ve just had two chemical pregnancies (proving that the sperm is finding the egg), it must be something to do with my body as a whole. And I suspect my immune system is over-zealously rejecting the fertilized egg.

I’m no doctor, but here’s my reasoning:

I have several low grade, niggly health problems that seem to point to inflammation and an over-active immune system.

The most prevalent of these is the joint pain I have been suffering from over the last year. Three months back it was so bad I would sometimes sit up in bed and cry because I couldn’t sleep. In the day time it was just aching wrists and elbows from moving the boys around and the physical care of two children, but at night it would feel like my whole body hurt.

These restless, exhausting, painful nights are what prompted me to stop alcohol, and then caffeine. And then cut right down on sugar (I still eat some, I haven’t been able to give that up just yet). Since then my joint pain has subsided – no more restless nights. My toe joints are still sore if I put pressure on them, but they don’t ache all the time like they used to.

Another symptom was bowel problems – bloated, constipated, alternating with diarrhoea, wind and occasional pain. I tried a home coeliac test blood test, which astonishingly came back positive (coeliacs tend to suffer from recurrent miscarriage before they are diagnosed). However, when I went to the doctor the lab blood test didn’t confirm it.

I was confused and upset, as I was hoping I’d found the “reason” for all my problems and my previous miscarriages. I’m wary of eating too much wheat now, so I’ve also cut right back on bread and pasta (my two main culprits). My digestion has been much better since, so coeliac or not, I’ve made a positive change.

Next is blepharitis – inflammation of the eyelids, around the eyelashes. This tends to affect older people, but my optician picked it up a couple of months ago at a routine eye test. My eyes had been feeling sore and achey for ages, which I’d put down to missed sleep with two small children, but actually I had a low grade inflammation.

I’ve also suffered a lot with sinus pain over the last year – around the base of my skull at the back, where I didn’t even know you had sinuses. It is incredibly painful and the pressure can get so bad I have to take painkillers to get through the day.

Finally is the horrible skin rash I tend to get around my waist. It itches like mad and looks like psoriasis or eczema, but it’s only a patch as big as my palm on both sides, so again, I’ve just lived with it.

As many of you know, all of these health niggles are things that are dismissed by many GPs, so I’ve never sought medical advice. Can you imagine:

“Hi doctor, I’ve got sore joints, a small rash, uncomfortable bowels and blepharitis. I’ve also had several miscarriages – can you please diagnose me?”

My doctor would just send me home with reassurances.

So last year I decided I’d had enough of feeling crap all the time and I started to clean up my diet.

Everyone knows the big 4 are drugs, smoking, alcohol and caffeine.

I’ve never done any drugs, and I’ve never smoked, but I’ve cut my wine-every-day habit and my tea-all-day-long habit and honestly – I feel great for it.

In addition I’ve cut my intake of wheat and sugar – down, but not out.


I sleep better, my mood is more stable, I’m happier and I have more consistent energy levels.

All of my problems listed above are improved.

Now I’m moving onto stage 2 – I want to increase the amount of raw food I eat 🙂

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