Chemical Overload

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I had a plan to do a series of posts on the toiletries that I am replacing in the bathroom. So today I brought my Sure anti-perspirant downstairs to the computer and sat down to research the ingredients.

Oh my.

For starters there are 35 ingredients on the list.

Why has it got so much crap in it?

And researching the items… oh man. It’s terrifying. The chemicals are complex, they are often derivatives of other chemicals that have been altered, or they are combinations of several other complex chemicals… it is a maze of long-chain-polymers that a layperson is really going to struggle with.

And then I started to get really paranoid.

Just think about what you do each day…

Sleep on bedding washed in harsh detergents, shower with chemicals in shampoo, shower gel, facewash, then spray on aluminum chlorohydrate to keep your underarms dry, dab on perfume (not even a disclosed list of ingredients here), brush your teeth with fluoride, eat man-made breakfast cereals that resemble nothing in nature, put on clothes that contain more detergent residue, sit on plastic chairs, work at plastic desks, eat food laden with preservatives so that it lasts on the shop floor for more than 24 hours, handle shop receipts laden with BPA, clean your house with a chemical list almost as long as your cosmetics ingredients, wash your hands with antibacterial soap, eat more food possibly containing too much fat, sugar, and even more preservatives, additives and other dubious sounding ingredients…

The total chemical load for each of us must be astonishing.

And yet our wonderful bodies soldier on through it all, for as long as they can manage.

No more.

I’m no hippy (just a wannabe hippy, ha ha!). I’ve eaten a standard western diet all my life. Used shop cosmetics and branded cleaning products since I left home. I’ve worked in an office for years on end. I live in a normal house, with normal chemical infused furniture, non-organic bedding and synthetic clothes.

But this has all got to change.

There are several studies that show hairdressers and nail technicians have a higher incidence of miscarriage and infertility (theorized that it is their exposure to chemicals on a daily basis that is the cause).

And your skin absorbs everything you put on it – that’s why we have nicotine patches and hormone patches.

So I’m not going to waste any more time trying to decide if it’s safe to do a daily application of 2-Bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol, I’m just going to chuck my anti-perspirant in the bin and make my own deodorant!

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