Changes are Harder When They are Uncommon

We’ve had a really lovely Father’s Day, starting with breakfast in bed for all of us and then a trip to a local working farm. Beautiful weather too.

Have been thinking about how, even over the last week or two, I’ve started drifting away again from my goals of simple, healthy living.

I’m seriously contemplating returning to vegetarianism after 3.5 years of being a light meat-eater. I started eating meat when I was pregnant with my first and never really recovered. I had severe PPH with both births, so then eating meat seemed like more of a necessity than anything else. However, I’m fine now, and have been for months, so perhaps now is the time to make the change. It’s vital that I get enough protein, so I need to ensure that I know exactly what I am going to eat.

I am also contemplating completely stopping my use of traditional cosmetics, showers gels, moisturizers, shampoos, etc. because of the chemical make-up of them, and switching to natural (possibly even home made) alternatives.

You know what?

I feel like I’ve reached the limit of a “normal” persons capacity for change.

I’ve decluttered the house, but it still looks “normal” to visitors.

I’ve overhauled my eating habits, but they still look “normal” to others I eat with.

Basically I am at the limit of normal – any further changes I make will put me firmly in the slightly odd category – and I am a little afraid of that.

I want to get rid of more stuff, but it doesn’t seem normal, as a married couple with two children, to give away your entire DVD collection, or to pare your kids toys down to a single box, or to only own a single, usable copy of anything instead of multiples of everything, just in case.

And I want to move forward with my diet, but it doesn’t seem normal, as a mum of two, to say that you don’t eat anything with added sugar and that you don’t allow your children to have anything except wholefoods in the house.

You have to be really brave to venture out into what you want.

Brave enough to withstand the looks and comments and shrugs from the people you know and love.

Brave enough to make big changes and know that they are the right changes.

Brave enough to be happy with what you choose, even though others may disapprove and other people’s (normal) lives may sometimes look much better than your own.

It’s not easy.

But maybe the phrase to remember is:

Obsessed is a word that lazy people use to describe the dedicated.

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