CD4 Bored of All This TTC Stuff

It feels like I haven’t written anything for an age.

The weather has been sunny and I’ve been in recovery from the arrival of my last period. Each month it seems to get harder to pick myself up.

And to top it all off, this cycle my period lasted 1.5 days. I’m usually a 3/4 day kind of girl, so now I’m thinking that my uterus just isn’t making a decent enough lining for implantation to occur (or stick, since it seems to have occurred 3 times this year, albeit briefly).

I always like to have a plan for the month, so this month it’s twofold: getting back to eating lots of raw food, and increasing my intake of grass-fed meat and free range organic eggs (a bit of a primal eating plan I guess).

I’m wondering if I’m deficient in something vital (especially after such a scant bleed), so figured I need some animal products to boost my wellbeing. I suffered quite badly with anaemia as a child so perhaps have a tendency towards it.

So, after two days I am feeling less lethagic and miserable, the fridge is stocked with various animal products and a ton of fruit and veg after this morning’s shop and onward we go into the 15th month since we started trying for no.3.

6 thoughts on “CD4 Bored of All This TTC Stuff”

  1. I’m recovering from the arrival of mine too. :/ I have a 7 day period normally, so I can’t imagine having half that length!!
    Funny, I am implementing some changes in my diet this month too, and adding back in some much-needed exercise! Opposite of you, though, I am planning to cut back on the already small amount of meat that I eat. I only eat poultry, but I am going to make more pasta/veggie dishes this month, as well as using beans more. 🙂

    • Sorry it didn’t work for you either this month. It’s so hard isn’t it? Veggies and beans – yum. I was a vegetarian for many years (I have a weird relationship with meat, ha ha!), but craved it so much when I was pregnant with my first and never really got back to the 100% vegetarian way of eating. These days I’ll go days without it, then suddenly really feel like eating some. I used to have a period more like 7 days long though (pre-vegetarian days), so I’m curious to see if it makes a difference. Nothing like experimenting on yourself 😉

      • I was a vegetarian for a few years before getting pregnant with Samuel, and I craved meat in the first trimester! I ate it because I figured my body knew what it was doing. BUT, once the cravings stopped (about 16 weeks along, if I remember right), I was grossed out again, and continued the rest of the pregnancy meat-free. About a week after his birth, I was needing it again, in a BAD way, so I allowed myself to eat chicken and turkey only. I am still breastfeeding now, so I am still eating those meats. 😉 I would love to be done completely with all meats but while b/f’ing it doesn’t work for me. :/

  2. Not to get your hopes up, but have you considered Implantation bleeding? I only found out I was preggers when I was 3 months gone. My ‘period’ had been the implantation bleeding. It had only been a couple days.It was only once It had dawned on me that I hadn’t had a period for a while, that I did a pregnancy test. We weren’t trying and we were using contraception, so I wasn’t even thinking about pregnancy.

    • I’d love it if it were implantation bleeding… however my temp has settled back to pre-ovulation levels so I’m certain it wasn’t 🙁 Amazing that you didn’t realize until 3 months – I bet you were astonished when you realized!!!

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