CD14 And A Positive OPK

I’ve been having quite bad ovulation pain this month, so I thought it was imminent, but it’s held out until today. I finally got a positive OPK overnight.

I say finally – it is only CD14. I tend to O on or before CD14, so it felt like a bit of a wait.

I actually have nothing at all to share apart from the rather uninspiring news of my positive OPK, but I just wanted to write a post anyway.

It’s two years this weekend since my (let’s get this right), first miscarriage after my second baby.

The really big miscarriage where I almost bled to death and nobody called or visited me afterwards.

This time last year (on the one year anniversary), I was, to be quite frank, a total emotional mess.

And in that post I wrote:

What if someone told me today that this time next year I still would not be pregnant.

Fucking hell. It really has been a whole year, and not only am I still not fucking pregnant, but I have another late first trimester miscarriage to add to the body count.

Do you find that the drop off in oestrogen after you ovulate makes you miserable?

I do. I get two brief rounds of “PMT” each month. One immediately after ovulation, and one a day or two before my period.

It’s shit.

So, I guess I’ve got an egg either on the way out, or freshly emerged floating around in my fallopian tube right now.

And that egg is going to be fertilised, because most of the time that happens without any problem.


That egg is going to be fertilised the second it emerges if it hasn’t been already, since DH and I have already ensured half a billion sperm have had a chance to get into the venue.

I’ll be doing a highly scientific early testing protocol this month. Ha.

Cause it only takes one good egg. Right?

8 thoughts on “CD14 And A Positive OPK”

  1. So lovely to hear from you – thinking about you a lot at the moment. I have post-O depression today, ha! Yes, we ARE going to get there – and if it happens for both of us this month, I’m going to get your phone number, ring you up on our due date and… and… cry with joy probably, ha ha ha! God knows, but I’ll think of something to say – I swear!!!!! X

  2. What a roller coaster. It must be so hard getting to stage 1 easily but having trouble getting past it. It all sucks. Still praying there’s a baby on the other side for you!! Xo

  3. Oh, I remember clearly when I read that post a year ago, though I can NOT believe it has been a year. But since then, I have concluded that you are perhaps the strongest woman I know. You can and will get through whatever else life throws at you, good or bad. Thinking of you as always. xoxo

  4. Hello there! I just ran across your blog today, and this post reminded me of myself. I’ve been using OPK for the past few months, and this month I started freaking out and wondering if it was EVER going to say that I was ovulating. It finally came a week later than it normally has been, and that after getting my period a week EARLY last month. I’m on day 4 of my 2 week wait, and already feel like this month was a failure. Crossing my fingers for both of us on this journey!!

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