CD12 Surprise Ovulation

I had a big temperature rise this morning, totally unexpectedly.

I usually get a couple of days of ovulation pain (at least), but by the end of yesterday I’d only had the faintest of sensations so figured ovulation was set for day 14.

When I checked the thermometer at 6am this morning I was astonished.

I ovulated on CD12 last month also, and spent the two week wait convinced I was pregnant.

This time around I know that no symptom, no temperature pattern, nothing, will indicate a pregnancy, so I won’t be looking for anything.

However, I am puzzled by this chart.

Not least because today I finally have my ovulation pain. It’s quite bad this month, and on the left (again). This always happens before ovulation, so could this morning’s temperature be a fluke? Maybe I am ill?? Am I ovulating twice?!

Who knows, but it’s not so bad to be in the two week wait two days early.

Period this cycle is due around 31st July (assuming luteal phase of 15, which is what I got last month on a CD12 ovulation cycle).

You might want to avoid visiting around that time unless you want to read all my self-pitying posts about how it hasn’t worked again 😉

5 thoughts on “CD12 Surprise Ovulation”

  1. Me too! We are ovulation sistahs across the pond from each other! Visualize that egg implanting! Keep positive thoughts! The mind is a powerful thing ;). Keeping you in my thoughts during our TWW.

    • Haha! That’s brilliant – company in the two week wait is always a good thing. Best of luck to you for the IUI – I will be watching for news!

  2. Maybe the pain actually happens after ovulation?? I have pain each month too, and I always assumed it was on ov day, but who knows?! Fingers crossed for us both this month! 😀

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