CD10 Time to Start POAS


I’ve held off poas (peeing on a stick) until today. Go me!

Last month I started at cd8 and didn’t ovulate until cd20, so I used a lot of test sticks.

This month, I’m really hoping to have a nice normal ovulation on day 14, but will start testing this afternoon just in case it comes a little early. I’ve had some egg white cervical mucus already this month, and am feeling really good about things with all the positive changes I’ve made since Christmas. I also weigh less than I have done for over four years, so there shouldn’t be so much oestrogen and god knows what else floating around from all the inflated fat cells.

I really, really thought I would be heavily pregnant by now.

I just want to get on with this next stage – with this next pregnancy – with completing my family.

I know life is all about the journey, but we’ve been waiting a year now for number 3 and I’m so ready for it to happen.

Fingers crossed this is the month.

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