Quick and Easy Shortbread


You know me. I do not bake.


I’m not a big cake or biscuit eater, pretty much every cake or biscuit I’ve tried to bake has been a disaster, and I am always terrified by the sheer amount of butter that has to go into any of these recipes.

But as you also know, money is tight.

For years now, because they are sugar free and organic, I’ve been buying these for the boys:


They have no sugar in them and contain only organic ingredients.

However, they are also £1.39 and £1.29 respectively for a pack of 100g.


So today I did a search for some really basic biscuits, and I found a wonderful recipe at a great blog I have discovered. So simple, even I could do it!

I used half the amount of each ingredient (there are only 3), and it is foolproof, because we didn’t do any resting or chilling – we just mixed and baked.


£0.49 for 10 (150g) biscuits. It would be even less if I didn’t use organic flour, butter and sugar.


The boys got to do this:


Which is a super-rare treat with a non-baking mum like me.

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