Faye Behaves like a Real Girl and goes Clothes Shopping

Ahh, I know, I’ve been away – been busy with mum’s new boiler, and we plumbed in a dishwasher kindly donated to us by Andy and Abby (thank you, thank you, thank you!!!).

Our first temporary plumbing job (all fully reversable for when we move out of the rented house), was a major success. Only a couple of leaks on the first try, and we managed to get wastewater all over Steve and the kitchen floor, but at the end of it all… oh, such luxury.

A shiny clean kitchen, and look! No washing up!!

Today I went shopping with some savings I’d put aside to get some “business casual” clothes for my new job, which I start on Monday morning.

Now, at my previous company I could’ve turned up in a hessian sack and sandals, with week-old greasy hair and no one would have batted an eyelid (in fact, I once did turn up without having showered or brushed my hair, with filthy hands and dirt on my face, after a day where we’d driven for 6 hours and moved my mum and all her furniture out of her old house, in order to fix a bug before a release… and no one seemed to think I looked any different.)

I fear I may have to make myself more respectable now I’m moving out into the real world.

Since it’s been about 4 years since I had to wear smart clothes to work, and I’m not exactly the fashion queen of the south, my wardrobe has really deteriorated into a sorry state. I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about trying to find some new things to wear, but clothes shopping today was a revelation, mainly because for the first time in ages, there is loads of stuff in the shops that I like.

I’m fairly tall, and very small boned, so anything floaty or fairyish makes me look like a famine victim, which seems to have been the fashion for as long as I can remember. Anything 80s or retro makes me look like a 12 year old trying to dress up. Anything a bit risque makes me look like a total and utter Essex bird (which I am, so maybe I shouldn’t fight it and should just wear those heels and minis with pride, dammit).

The general gist is, the fashions on the high street have not been so good to me in recent years.


I probably could’ve spent my entire bank balance today if the shops hadn’t actually closed at 5.30pm. It’s all big V-necked jumpers, tank tops, comfy clothing, man-style fitted feminine stuff, and muted greys, blues, browns and blacks. I love it all, and best of all, it all suits me so, so, sooo much better than the previous three years worth of styles that have filtered down from the catwalk.

Since H&M don’t have an online store, I can’t show you what I bought from there, but I did get this dress from Warehouse.

(no longer available)

I got 20% off with a voucher I had, which doesn’t make it any more affordable, but it’s just so lovely on… I couldn’t resist.

I found two pairs of trousers in the entire city that I liked, one of which was from Marks and Spencer. M&S is a very frustrating place to shop. I spent ages searching all the racks for trousers in size “8 long”, with little success. This evening, I had a look at their website… and it soon became clear that they have a problem with trouser length.

Why are these women’s trousers all wafting around their ankles like they have spent too long in the tumble dryer (the trousers, not the women)? I am obsessive about trouser length. I would rather trip over my own leg material all day than leave the house with my ankles showing.


These things, which have been everywhere this summer, really were my worst nightmare:

(photo lost in transit)

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