Cash Poor

Steve and I have been proper gym-goers this week. I managed to get there and get to work before 9am on Thursday, hurrah!

The traffic where we live is so bad at the moment. An extra couple of sets of traffic lights have been installed at the bottom of one of the main roads we use and there are bridge works on the other main road. Part of the appeal of going to the gym is not having to sit in stagnant traffic for hours before work (this morning was awful, even though I tried two short cuts, both of which probably took longer than sitting in the traffic).

I’ve been trying to think of ways to get incredibly rich this week. I’ve come up with the following:

1) win the lottery
2) start my own business
3) become a famous actress/musician/sportswoman

And that’s it. Out of ideas now – apart from a life of crime (hitman, money laundering etc.) which I’m not really up for.

Since odds are that I probably won’t win the lottery, and I’m probably not going to end up singing or acting on telly, and I’m probably past the point where I could compete with athletes the world over at anything, it’s got to be start my own business.


Not one so far.

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