I’ve been trying to work out why I cannot seem to shift the last of my baby weight.

I have never really bothered with calories, as I’ve always been lucky enough to be on the small side, and I have always just assumed that eating less junk would give me a great body. Sounds reasonable, right?

Well, I’ve been eating brilliantly for the last month, and I do not have a great body. In fact my weight has stayed stubbornly the same even though I have cut out all snacking, all alcohol, trips to Costa and Starbucks, chocolate, sweets and cakes, and even lowered my fruit intake to a couple of pieces a day at most.

I have done all this because I am wearing braces and believe me – it is NOT worth the two minute pleasure of eating crap between meals when you have to clean your teeth and your braces afterwards.

Today I decided to track my food intake and see if I could spot where I was going wrong.

Breakfast: oats, mixed seeds, banana, whole milk

Lunch: kale, beet, apple juiced followed by baked sweet potato with an avocado and hummus, followed by whole yoghurt and sunflower seeds.

Dinner: homemade risotto and green beans

I plugged it all into MyFitnessPal which told me I ate 2,200 calories today. Today was a pretty average day, so that seemed okay to me. But then I looked up what science says I should be eating to maintain my weight. Apparently that’s around 1,800 calories, maybe just pushing 2,000 if I am really active (which I am mostly not).


Then I noticed that the majority of my calories come from fat. 104 grams of it today, to be precise. That seemed like quite a lot, so I checked that and yes – it should be more like 65g.

So I think I have my answer…

I can’t make sense of the calorie thing in my head. If you’re hungry, you need to eat, I always thought.

Sigh. I just don’t think I could put a cap on my food – it would just make me think about eating the whole time.

But it really looks like I’m going to have to make some adjustments because otherwise nothing is going to be any different. And clearly if I carry on eating what I’m eating I really am not going to lose those last few kilos any time soon.

3 thoughts on “Calories”

  1. I wish I had the brain power to track what I eat like this. I feel the same way about the baby weight. Was great when I was nursing but now I just have a big beer gut! Sans the beer.

    • Same here! All on my stomach! I used MyFitnessPal. It’s a free app and it has a barcode scanner so really easy to enter foods. It has a huge database too. I couldn’t enter everything everyday, but as a snapshot it’s really useful to see what you’re actually consuming. I felt a but stupid when I saw the numers. No wonder my stomach is fat ???

  2. Good luck with the calorie thing. That always worked for me until it didn’t. Sigh. Now I have to do increased fats and virtually no grains to make a shift. It’s annoying but I’m learning to live with it as I like to be thinner lol let us know how you go!

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