C25K Week 6 Day 2 – Next Up, 5k!

I’ve really slacked off this last week and haven’t run for 6 days.

I went out today, after a morning on a bouncy castle with DS1, and it was hard work! I think I bounced away my energy before my run.

It was only two sets of 10mins with a walk break, but it was also very windy, damp and it’s getting colder now. Leaves are swirling down off the trees and it feels like winter is on a fast train heading right this way.

The first 10mins was just a mental exercise in running while my body said:

Stop! You’re out of breath!

But in the second 10mins I got a terrible stitch and was down to a hobble. I ran through it for the first time ever (I don’t get a stitch often so I usually stop to ease the pain). After about 3 minutes it very suddenly subsided – such relief. I managed to increase my pace after that and overall did a decent run.

I am not really optimally ready for Sunday’s 5k, and it’s a trail run, not on the pavement, which will make a massive difference. However, I feel strong and fit enough that I think I will wobble over the finish line somewhere just under 35 minutes, if all goes well.

The other thing I don’t have going for me is that my period is due 3 days after the run and I am already feeling quite heavy and bloated this month. I always notice an increase in my pace and energy once the first couple of days of bleeding are out of the way, so I’ll just have to lug all that extra water and blood around with me on Sunday and smile for the love of being a woman. Great timing, huh?

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    • Illness setbacks are really annoying – so glad to hear you are starting again next week. Not giving up is 99% of the work!

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