C25K Week 5 Day 2

Phew, today I ran two 8 minute blocks and I can feel it.

My next session (week 5 day 3) is a single 20 minute run – gah!

Today is the first time I’ve actually felt like giving up during a run session. I was so tired during the first 8 minute run I slowed right down in the second half. I think it is more mental than anything else because when I examined how I was feeling there was no pain anywhere, I was just really out of breath.

Anyway, I stuck at it and I even managed to up the pace in the final 60 seconds. Finish strong!

My average pace is peaking at 5:50 per km which is great, but I don’t think I can sustain it for too long.

15 days til my 5k.

20 minutes solid running on my next session.

3 people have told me I’ve lost weight in the last two weeks. (I haven’t – but maybe I’m leaner with more muscle less fat?).

And that is enough stats for today.

By the way, when I run, I quite often fantasize that I am covering dangerous ground and only have a certain time to reach a safe point before weird creatures get me and that there is a base camp monitoring my progress and willing me to make it…

Eveyone else does that too, right??

12 thoughts on “C25K Week 5 Day 2”

  1. I sometimes imagine I am in a chase for my life…like if I slow down, the bad guys will get me. Or the Zombies. 🙂 Or, if it is sunny, I watch my shadow and think , “Damn girl, you better keep running and slim down those hips!”

  2. Rose, I decided to start with the C25K program today, because I was feeling really shitty /low-energy during this past week of workouts. Funny thing is I decided to start at Week 5, Day 2 today, too — so I ran the exact program you did! Like you, I’m also dreading the 20 min straight run on Monday (my planned day)…enough so that I might push it to Tuesday. 😉
    Keep up the great work!

    • Wow – that’s great, we are virtual running buddies! how did you get on?? (Wait, I’ll go and check your blog now I’ve got 5 minutes of quiet!). I did the 20 min today – I felt knackered and was dreading it, but made it through. Felt great afterwards though so totally worth pushing through.

      • Saturday’s try was on a treadmill – and I did my walks at 3.0 mph and my 2X 8 min runs at 5.0 mph – so I think I finished the 30 mins at 3.24 kms total. I then decided to try the same wk 5, day 2 program outdoors last night – and I ran 3.58 kms in the same time (and with hills and stuff). This tells me that I definitely run (and walk) faster outdoors than on a treadmill – which is totally curious because outdoor is harder. I think it’s a mental blocker I have with putting my treadmill speed up too high – which is stupid. I need to do some more internal excavation on this one to figure out why I’m sabotaging myself like that. Anyway – good to know that I had a stronger performance outside – which is, inevitably, where I’d run a 5k race anyway, right? 🙂

  3. Hi Rose! Glad you are sticking to the running and that it is going well! Just like a previous comment I left about my tonsils (ahem…the ones in a jar…[I cringe…]) I’m just going to put myself out there…

    I have a great playlist which features lots of Lindsey Sterling (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHjpOzsQ9YI) and I hear it as the soundtrack of my life and I am suddenly all that I want to be and a super bad ass runner. I am one of those fabulous-looking athletic women in Nike commercials or YouTube compilations about cross-fit chicks. I am in my own thirty-minute commercial. And I look like a fabulous, fit, butt-kicking beauty.

    For the record, I do have to push past my brain’s constant nagging that I’m actually wearing clothes that don’t match, a headband that is slipping back toward my ponytail, I’m not wearing make up, and my sweat is not “glistening”, it’s pouring down my arms and legs. Once I get past all that truth shit, I feel great!

    Run on, Rose Who Rocks. Cheers!!!!

    • Ahhh the tonsils… . Love that comment 😀

      Oh Oh – I do that too!! In my mind I am like an athlete, all muscle and smooth tanned skin, bright eyes and strong hips and just gorgeous… and then I get home and am rudely reminded that I’m actually more of a modest apple shape with pale, slightly wobbly thighs and a red, puffed out face. Ha ha ha!! But I strongly believe in the power of visualisation, so I figure just thinking this way on a regular basis (if I can keep up the exercise), is bound to exert some kind of positive influence over my body in the long run. Either that or I’ll end up brain washing myself and will be obliviously happier, heh heh!

      • PS Just watched the video and I’m off to find her on iTunes – what an amazing artist and I can just imagine how inspiring that music is to run to. Thank you!!!!!

    • Squeeeaal!! THANK YOU – I am falling so behind at the moment, but I am SO grateful!!!!!! I am planning an award post soooooon!!!!! XXX

  4. lol something like that! Way to go Rose! What an achievement. The longest I’m running at the moment is 5mins and that’s a bit of a struggle! I’ve had another set back this week as I’ve been sick again so I might just start week 4 over. I don’t think I’ve got the prep I need to launch into week 5 with only one week 4 training day to go!! Damn illness.

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