C25K W3D1

I felt a lot of resistance to doing this run.

In fact, I took a break of three whole days, which means I am one day behind where I should be.

It is no coincidence that those days were the ones after ovulation, which is a notorious black spot for me at the moment. There’s something about moving into the helplessness of the two week wait and the hormone free fall that comes with ovulation that just makes me feel miserable and lazy and crap.

Not only that but I have been feeling so tired and worn out. The worry about my hospital results was quite draining and I’ve been comfort eating too. Blah blah.


I got off my backside today and went out.

And it was, of course, nowhere near as bad I was anticipating. In fact, I enjoyed it and was really glad I’d gone.

The running is up to 3 minutes at a time, but I managed it without too much scary breathing and muscle pain, so I’m doing OK.

I’m planning to go again on alternate days now, like I was doing before.

Only 37 days until my 5k so I really need to stick with it.

5 thoughts on “C25K W3D1”

  1. I ran today (for the first time in about a week) and did it outdoors on an unpaved trail. Holy hard!!! I went with a 2 min walk; 5 min run; 2 min walk; 5 min run; 2 min walk; 5 min run; 3 min walk; 3 min run; 3 min walk, 3 min run, 3 min walk, 3:09 run — got me to the 5k in 39:03. It’s gotta get easier, right??? Lesson learned today: hills suck. uneven terrain sucks. But it felt good when it was finished. Rock on Rose! You are going to kill your 5k race!!

    • Ahhh – hills are a killer. It’s pretty flat where we live but I know how badly they slow you down and make your legs burn. It’s great you are running on unpaved tracks – I REALLY need to do some runs on trails as my 5k is multi-terrain. Gulp. I don’t know how you keep it up every day – it’s incredible!!

      • Being unemployed (and with grown children) frees me up substantially. 🙂 Good for the workout regime; not so good on the wallet. Ah well. Lemon-aid from lemons, as they say!

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