C25K – W2D1

I was a bit nervous about going out today. I felt tired to start with and knew that the running intervals were now 90 seconds instead of 60, but actually it was just about perfect. There was a two minute recovery gap between each run, so more than enough time to get your breath back.

Still no aches or pains, and feeling strong during the runs.

Got home feeling really good, but already I can tell I’m going to need an early night tonight.

Looking forward to two more sessions this week.

4 thoughts on “C25K – W2D1”

  1. haha yeah as I was doing my day 1 today I was wondering how I was going to manage 90 sec runs next week. The 60 sec ones nearly killed me! lol But I’m sure it will happen. That’s the program so it must be possible. It’s really highlighted to me how much cardio fitness I’ve lost since the beginning of the year. I remember going for a run a few months ago and doing almost half an hour running no problem and no 60 secs is killing me!!! It’s great fun thought. I’m very target oriented and like you I love stats so this is beautiful. If I survive the 5k I might even do the 5k to 10k program!!! Woah!

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