C25K W1D2

couch to 5k

Completed my second run at 6:20am this morning.

Oh my.

My thighs are so sore.

They were sore before I went out, but now they are even more sore.

I have two stocky boys, one who loves to be hung upside down at a moment’s notice and one who still spends half of his time on my hip, so my biceps are pretty impressive and I have no upper arm wobble at all, but my legs… they are NOT so hot.

And how un-hot they are is evident with every step I take at the moment.

I have thigh-wobble and bum-wobble going on (and boy can I feel it when I’m running), and my leg muscles are currently crying from two sessions over three days.

And get this – even my waist hurts. The sides of my body are sore. From running.

What kind of crazy running-gait must I have for that to be the case?

Anyway, I did it and I’m STILL looking forward to the next session, because I know from experience that in about three weeks time I’ll emerge from all the exhaustion and soreness and I’ll start loving it.

BTW, my pic today is from the RunKeeper app which has recently had a major update. It is absolutely excellent for recording your runs, full of stats and numbers and graphs (my favourite) and it also has a fab goal-countdown in real time. Love it.

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  1. I love my Runkeeper!!!! I just noticed the changes… have to take time to read them from our 9 mile bike ride! We started a similar program to C25K this week too… been slacking all summer! You are right though- only takes a few weeks to get back into it and feel good! YOU ARE DOING GREAT!


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