C25K First Run


Well, I did it.

I set my alarm for just after 6am, laid out my running kit, prepared my phone and headphones and went to sleep. DS2 woke me twice overnight, once just grizzling and once for a drink (he’s been running a fever), so I felt slightly less than wonderful when it came to getting out of bed.

I quietly dressed and headed out into a beautiful sunny morning. I think the first session was set at just about the perfect level for a tired mum who hasn’t exercised properly in the last couple of months. I found the last two 60 second runs heavy going.

Best of all is that when I got back it wasn’t even 7am and my exercise was all done.

So, two things I think I need to watch over the next 7 weeks:


I need lots of it, as high quality as possible. While I can’t control my children waking in the night when they are ill, I can help myself by staying away from sugary foods and going to bed early.


It’s taken me years to really appreciate how huge the effect of diet is on your whole life – your energy levels, your moods, your looks, everything. I’m a reasonably healthy eater anyway, but for the duration of my training plan I’ll be staying away from sugar (still my biggest weakness after all these years), too many refined carbs and other treats that I really don’t need. I’ll be trying to up my vegetable intake too, as I already eat a ton of fruit each week.

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