Buying Things To Fix Yourself

pretty dress
Dress from Boden

A brief reflection on all the clearing out I have done of my clothing.

My biggest issue with clothing, by miles, is my tendency to buy things for the person I want to be instead of the person I am.

For instance, I buy pretty dresses and skirts because I want to be a feminine, floaty, pretty girl.

But I never wear them because I don’t really like showing my legs.

This is a ridiculous habit that I have indulged in for YEARS.

What should I be doing instead?

I should buy clothing that I feel comfortable in. If that’s just jeans, then I should buy a nice pair of jeans.

AND I should work on my appearance, NOT buy things to supposedly motivate me to work on my appearance.

I think part of me thinks that by having pretty skirts and dresses in the house, I will exercise more in order to wear them.

But the exact opposite is true.

Their presence in the house drags me down because they take up space and remind me of the fact that I don’t feel comfortable wearing them.

Crazy isn’t it?

But it’s good that I have recognised this (at last) for what it is.

So next time I go shopping, whenever that may be, I won’t be buying things for the me that I am not.

I will be buying things for the me that I am.

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