I don’t know what it is about this blog that makes me come back to it. I’ve been feeling more and more that I have absolutely no idea what the point of it is.

I mean the point of this blog, rather than the point of blogging. I find writing these posts tends to clear my thoughts and I like how it lays down a record of my life (albeit in anonymous form).

But my organised, logical brain feels that I should have some kind of focus, and it just hasn’t happened that way. I started this to record Life With 3 Kids, but due to citcumstances found I was writing about minimalism, healthy eating, making your own beauty products, TTC, my emotional state and eveything but its original purpose.

Maybe now I can blog as I originally intended… but I have hundreds (literally!) of posts scattered over all sorts of topics. It just seems disjointed.

I’ve never been interested in stats or increasing my readership. In fact, it astonishes me that some of you have stuck with me for so long, given everything I ramble about on here.

So why I am still doing this?

The thing is, I spend a fair proportion of time writing posts and nosing into other people’s lives, so it feels like there should be a point. A plan. A focus. A big idea.

[big sigh]

I don’t know.

Why do you all blog? Is it for the love of it? Do you hope to make a bigger and more successful blog? To earn an income if possible?

Why do we all do this?

I am searching for meaning!

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  1. Ha! Good Questions.
    I started because The Husband kind of “made” me.
    Then realised, i didn’t have time for “good” writing. You know, the Ernest Hemingway romantic ramblings, the Wurtzel angst, etc
    And found that i was lucky to get anything down at all.
    What i found was easy to write about was my day to day Funnies (the conversations with the kids and the husband) and in doing that it’s kind of become a record for them when they grow up.
    So i sort of feel i continue for them to read it all when they are older

    It is also, at times, strangely therapeutic.
    When i wrote about moiscarrying i did not for a moment think i would get the response i got.
    It was immense the love that came back.
    I was humbled and quickly read stories that were 100 times worse than mine and realised that i had to be thankful foir what i have and what i nearly had and move on.
    So , yeah – i write for the kids and also cos you know, it’s cheaper than therapy. No i mean, for me…i write for me 😉

  2. I write for a combination of reasons.

    1. For me, just for the outlet. I always have stuff going on in my head which is shit when you are trying to be “present” all the time so writing helps me do that a bit more.

    2. I sometimes find I write for others now too. I’ll stumble over something or feel inspired and think that will make a post my readers will like. So that’s a novelty.

    3. I write for practice as I was to do more and more freelance writing and the only way to get better at it and keep your content fresh is to keep writing and also try new styles. Hence my scheduled posts and my recent attempts at Daily Prompts. I can’t do them if I’m not inspired but if I am inspired I’ll at least try if there is time.

    4. This is perhaps the most surprising one…I write to keep in touch with the little community that we have created here. There are a bunch of us all on the same team reading each others posts regularly and I like that. Many of you feel like friends. x

    PS Please don’t stop! I like that you write about a variety of things. So many of those things have inspired me which would not have been possible had you just been writing about having 3 kids. Well I’m sure you would have been inspiring but I would have missed out on all the other stuff. YOU got me onto Couch to 5k for example.

    • Ditto to Rachael.
      I write because it is almost like there is no other choice. I love to write and I just have to. My blog is a big cluster f&*k…I mean a unique mix of all the things I love. lol! Some people stick to one theme and that is great but you are more than just one theme and I think your blog should reflect YOU and all that you are.
      I also write for practice. I freelance, am working on a story and am part of a writing group. I love to try out new styles and topics just to get my feet wet in different areas…for personal and professional improvement.
      And also like Rachael, I’ve made a tight knit little group of friends who I love to stay in touch with. This is a really unique way to get to know a person…you get far more than the average friend gets in a conversation at the grocery store. haha. I never would have expected this to be such a big part of why I blog either. It is a great support network.
      Keep doing it if you love it regardless of how organized it is. It can be your very own organized chaos, sometimes its therapeutic to let things be a bit messy too. 🙂

  3. Agreed. I blog to clear my wad and record my thoughts. It started as a way to keep my close friends in then loop but now it’s more for me. And my new bloggy friends around the world that I feel this amazing connection with! A total bonus that I did not expect!

  4. I started blogging to share my daughter’s first birthday with family living in other cities. Then I went back to it as some sort of an outlet and share DIY/stories. Then I made a lot of friends which made me love blogging/reading blogs more.

    Somewhere along the way I learned that we can monetize our blogs and if I can earn money while doing what I love, then why not? 🙂 Hoping to get self hosted within the month so I can work on getting ads.

    Even if I end up not making money out of it, I’d still continue blogging because of the friends I made over here. 🙂

  5. What a thought-provoking post, Rose! Thank you for sharing this, and getting me thinking about it. Especially now, when I’m struggling to figure out how to keep up with the blog while taking on this new job.

    I initially started the blog to track my progress around the year-of-sweat goal. It was part to document my own journey, and part in the hopes that I’d gather enough readers to make me feel accountable to a group to go and finish my stated goal.

    Once I started writing, I realized two things;
    1. I genuinely love writing.
    2. This journey is about so much more than just exercise (something I suspect I knew at the outset, but only became clear along the path). Writing about all that was going on in my head; each time I had a new breakthrough… this added so much to my process of learning and growing.
    3. Others seemed to benefit from my stories. The first time someone said I had inspired them… my heart soared. I love that I am now connected with a bunch of ladies on a mission to move more, lose weight, get healthy — and I get to cheer them on as they go. Such a gift!

    Your blog is about your life, Rose. And that includes TTC, minimalism, healthy living, etc, etc. You aren’t one-dimensional, nor should your blog be. Keep writing. You are a gem.

  6. Hmm, interesting. I try to limit my self to just infertility related stuff on this blog. It’s the first and only blog I’ve ever had. In fact, I never even really followed any blogs before this. Basically, I started blogging because I was flailing about in infertility related depression and looking for a way to deal with it. In googling ways to cope with infertility, a web site suggested starting a blog. I immediately thought, “I could do that!” I was feeling like I was burdening my husband all the time, or that he wasn’t always available when I needed to talk to him about how I was feeling (like when he is in meetings at work!) and it seemed like the perfect outlet. I could give two shits about whether anyone followed my blogged or even read what I was writing. Hence my very first post, entitled “For therapeutic purposes only.” Oddly, over the months I have come to care very deeply about several of the people I’ve met through blogging (including you!) and I think a couple of them even care a little about me. I wasn’t looking for that or expecting it, but it happened. I still don’t have many followers/readers and I don’t follow that many blogs myself, and that’s fine. It’s an outlet for me that is available 24/7 whenever I can get to a computer, and a way to get my thoughts out so I don’t dwell on them and let them take over my life. I’ve always wanted it to be completely 100% anonymous and never wanted anyone to know that I have the blog at all. Still not one person in my “real life” knows I do this. But it’s different for everyone, and the bottom line is we should all do what feels right for us. (and hats off if you read through this entire ramble I just wrote!)

  7. I have wondered about direction myself. I write for the chance to lay my feelings out, to practice writing for an audience, be it one or more. I would love to drum up a following of people who would pee their pants for the chance to buy my books (once I finally finish one!). I write because it fills a void I have when I don’t write.

  8. Thanks so much for all your thoughtful replies. Wow. Lots to think about. You are all right though – the community of readers/writers that we are part of is really important and surprising! I was never thinking about readers when I started writing, but like some of you have said, I feel really involved in your lives and I value this strange virtual friendship that we have developed. Thank you!!!

  9. You and your blogging colleagues keep on keeping on blogging because in Real Life people basically don’t think or talk “deeply” anymore. People chatter, they throw out funny stories and one liners, they ooh and aah over things, they talk about the games they play, they do Facebook and all of that, but they don’t really connect with each other deeply very much. IMHO, of course. Blogs *slow down time* for both writers and readers, giving people the chance to think more meaningfully and glean insights to carry with them. Bloggers help! That’s what I think!

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